Professional Book Editing

Professional Book Editing

Constructive professional book editing for self-publishing writers, which will leave your book ready for publication.

Let’s face it, all writers get too close to their work. It is part of the process, but also part of the problem.

How many times have you read over your writing, convinced it was ready to go, only to have a close friend spot a glaring plot hole?

Now imagine the horror of self-publishing, only to have readers pick up on your mistakes and then tell the world in an Amazon review (I feel the pain just writing the sentence).

We CAN help you to avoid this pain.

Let me keep it simple…

In our structural edit we will check over your book and pinpoint those huge plot holes that, if left unattended, would trip up unwary readers.  We will also check the book flows correctly, assess the book’s readability and look at numerous technical issues, such as dialogue.

The single most important aspect of our constructive professional book editing service is that we look at each word of your book, AND then provide the clear and actionable guidance you need to fix your book.

I can’t emphasize this enough.

We want to make sure that you learn all the skills you need to not make the same mistakes twice. We want you to be a better writer. Why? Because we face a golden age for writers. Never before in publishing history have writers had the opportunity to so easily put their books in front of the eyes of readers (no more waiting to be picked by publishers).  The result is that for the first time in human history ideas are free to flow. If we can edit just one book that helps change the way a reader looks at the world, then we’ve played our small part in the process.

Perhaps the best way to describe this process is through the single word we hear the most often from writers we have edited… ‘insightful’.

Paul Oluikpe

“I wish to say thank you for all the help and for editing my work. I found your edit very useful and insightful. First, you were able to highlight the structural issues in my work and enabled me refocus it. Second, you identified problems in narrative flow, helping me tighten the work. And third, you pointed out where the work was stronger and equally where it was weaker, serving to strengthen my grip on the entire narrative. Thanks for contributing to making this a success. I feel, through your input, I have been able to link all the chapters into one coherent whole.”


What You Get For Your Money…

Line Editing

Insanely detailed line-by-line editing with tracked changes and comments.  

Editor's Report

Multi-page report that will explain the editor’s thinking and provide an overview.

FREE Ebook Cover

Free ebook cover design and optimised for the Kindle. Ready in 48 hours.


Our service is unlike any other professional book editing service you will find. You can find services that charge thousands for a book edit, only to leave the reader knowing what’s wrong, but not how to fix it. Not only do we assess your book’s plot and structure, but we also carry out a constructive line edit at the same time. Plus… we give you a free ebook cover, just because we can!

As part of our developmental edit, we provide  detailed line editing  AND a very detailed   editor’s report  (by detailed we mean 20 or 30 pages of A4).

Whilst all this is going on your ebook cover  will be designed.

Other companies provide just one of these for the same price as we charge for all three.

So why would we offer both a line edit and an editor’s report?

The answer is because if you need a developmental edit to improve your book, then you need both. Only by having both line editing and an editor’s report can you get the kind of ‘publisher standard’ developmental edit that will allow you to write better books. You see, what we give you is not a list of what is wrong. Instead, we focus on teaching you what you need to do to put things right. If you grammar is wonky, we’ll show you what is wrong and we’ll show you how to fix it - on every line!


Line Edit

Line editing is simply the process of reading each and every word and then identifying potential problems. If we spot a typo we’ll correct it, if the sentence is clumsy we’ll correct it, if something is just not right, we’ll correct it. However, these will not be ‘hard’ corrections, they’ll be done using tracked changes. This means you remain in control with the power to accept or reject each individual change (or just accept all changes in one go, if that’s your thing).

If the reasons for the changes we suggest are not obvious, then we’ll use comments (little comment bubbles) to explain our thinking. The aim is to show you why we think the change is needed. As always, it is your choice. If you don’t agree, just reject the change and move on.

Below is a screen shot of a sample line edit, as you will see it contains both tracked changes and ‘balloon’ comments [Click image to enlarge].


Ramona Flightner

The entire edit was extraordinary. The editor’s report was detailed and thought provoking, encouraging me to think about my novel in new ways and challenging me to improve my story, and thus the reader’s experience. The line edit was invaluable in pointing out where I had scenes with “tell” and too many adverbs. I was very impressed with the editing and I have had Bubblecow edit two of my books and also proofread the first one. I am not yet at the proofreading stage for my second book, but when I am, they will be my editors of choice. I highly recommend them for their professionalism and for their spot-on editing.


Editor’s Report

Download a sample

Since reports are long and complicated we can’t just show a screenshot, instead we have included a sample of our professional book editing. Just click the button below to download the Word document…

Download Now!

The aim of the editor’s report is to give you an overview to our feedback. The line edit can be pretty overwhelming. It is not uncommon for a book to have hundreds (I am not joking!) of corrections. When you first open the document, and are faced with a sea of changes, it is easy to panic.


It all starts with the editor’s report. This document will be your editor’s thoughts about your book. It will start with a broad overview of what they liked and disliked. It’ll focus you in on the key issues that will have the most impact on your book.

It will also contain details on the thinking behind the feedback and details on new techniques you can use to fix the problems.

Finally, the report will look at each chapter in turn and give you a breakdown of what we thought.

Many writers tell us the editor’s report quickly becomes a valuable tool. Before each editing session they’ll refer back to the report and get a ‘feel’ for the big picture before delving into the nitty gritty of the line edit.

Jakk Fitton

“The whole process was a wonderful experience for me. The editorial recommendations pulled no punches, but after implementing them, they truly transformed my book into a far better read. The editor’s report is far more than an added bonus. It highlighted the positives and negatives, while also backing up the insight with thoughtful explanations as to why the adjustments were important to the reader.”


Ebook Cover Design

Feedback from writers we’ve helped get published has identified one problem that can be a right royal pain in the back side - cover design!

So… to make your life that little bit easier, we are providing all writers with a free ebook cover.

When you submit and pay for your edit we’ll send you an email with details on how to get your design started. The whole process takes about 48 hours and you should have your cover ready before the edit is completed. In essence, you pick from one of hundreds of designs. The design is tweaked for your book and optimised for publication on Amazon. Don’t worry, once you have picked a design it will be removed from the site and be unique to you and your book.

Here’s an example of some cover designs from which you can pick for your book…  Pick a cover!


Cost of Professional Book Editing

Our prices for professional book editing are all inclusive, with no hidden extras. They include the editor’s report,  in-depth edit and cover design (well we don’t charge you for this), plus all support emails, phone calls etc.

Since we provide our service to any writer, no matter where they are based in the world, we bill in four separate currencies.

  • US Dollars: $17 per 1000 words.
  • GB Pounds: £10 per 1000 words.
  • Euros: €12 per 1000 words.
  • Australian Dollars: $19 per 1000 words.

To work out the cost of your developmental edit, first divide your word count by 1000 and then multiply by your currency. For example, a 50,000 word novel would be (50000/1000 * 17) $850.

Word Count $ (US) £ (UK) € (Euro) $ (AUD)
10,000 words $170 £100 €120 $190
50,000 words $850 £500 €600 $950
100,000 words $1700 £1000 €1200 $1900


So You Are Still Not Convinced?

OK, I don’t blame you. You’ve probably spent a huge amount of time on your book and you don’t want to waste cash on someone who is just going to tell you your baby is ugly.

Perhaps this will help…

A few books we’ve recently edited…

Discover more books we’ve edited



What about some testimonials?

The line edit was valuable. I’d spent more than two month’s rewriting and self-editing my book prior to submitting it to BubbleCow. This and the fact that it’s quite a short nonfiction e-book (around 11600 words), made me doubtful that much, if anything, could be done to improve it further. But I was pleasantly surprised. […]


The copy editors at Bubblecow went out of their way to ensure that the material in my book was well organized and properly presented. I cannot commend their skill, support, and dedication highly enough.

Gary Rawnsley

Gary helped focus my writing, remove redundant words, thoughts and sentences, and gave suggestions to flesh out various parts of my story to bring my book up to a higher standard. As a first time writer working on my personal memoir about my journey as an actor in Hollywood and my experience of deciding to […]

David Figlioli

Find out what people are saying about our edits…

Do you still have a question? Here’s some commonly asked questions.

How long will the edit take?

We aim to return your edited manuscript within 28 working days. However, it all depends on your editor. We pick the best editor for each job and their workload will dictate the turnaround time. What we will do is provide you with a target delivery date.

Will an edit correct ALL spelling and grammar mistakes?

No! What we will do is remove all the mistakes that we find, but this is not a proofread. In fact, proofreaders are not the same as editors, since it is a very different skill set. In addition, our edit will trigger you to rewrite sections of your book. Even if we did remove all errors it is inevitable that rewrites would add more (human nature and all that). Therefore, we always suggest that a writer carries out a proofread AFTER the edit and rewrites.

Once I have had the book edited will the editor look at the changes?

It depends. We don’t carry out second edits. The reason for this is that we will say everything we can to add value to your book in the first edit. Even with significant rewrites it is probably just not worth you paying for an additional edit from the same editor. This said, we are happy to talk to you and even give general feedback on significant alterations. We see this as a long term partnership.

Do you accept all genres?

No. We accept most fiction genres and all major non-fiction genres. We DON’T accept: Poetry, short stories or highly technical non-fiction.

Do you accept all writers?

No. We accept about 90% of the manuscripts that are submitted. If we feel your work is not yet at a stage where our editing will provide the maximum value we will return the manuscript to you. This most commonly occurs when English is not the writer’s first language.

Is there a minimum word count?

Yes! We don’t accept books that are less than 15,000 words. The reason is simple. Our secret power is editing long form manuscripts. In other words, novels and long non-fiction books. If your book is shorter that 15,000 words, we are probably not the best match.

Do you keep the copyright?

NO! We are simply a service. You pay us, we make your book better. At no point do we take ANY rights. ALL rights remain yours at all times.

You are based in the UK, will you edit books from American writers?

Absolutely. In fact, 75% of our writers are based outside the UK. Editing is editing, the type of English used is not an issue at this early stage.

If I plan to write/submit more than one book will I get the same editor?

The short answer is yes.


Do you still have a question. Great! We love questions. You have three options…

1. Fire us an email by clicking here.
2. Ask us a question on Twitter.
3. Ask a question on Facebook.


So what happens?

Let’s say you are ready to go, what can you expect to happen?

  1. You fill out the form below.
  2. We send you an email invoice. You pay either using your card or PayPal.
  3. We send you an email explaining how to get your book cover design started.
  4. We edit your book and return within 28 working days.


x Please note that we will be closed for Easter. This means that we will not be editing between 14 April and 21 April. This will add seven days to return times for any manuscript submitted today.


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A Well Edited Book Has No Limits...

When Mark Sennen approached us to edit Touch, a crime novel based in the UK, we treated his novel as we would any other. During the developmental edit we looked closely at the structure and flow and provided the detailed feedback he needed to lift the book to the next level. Little did we know at the time just where the book would take Mark and his writing career. Touch rapidly became a best seller, with readers buying more than 5000 copies a month. Before the year was out he had sold more than 50,000 books, making his book a success. In 2012 Amazon recognized Touch as the 7th best selling self-published book of 2012. Mark will be the first to admit that hard work and a solid marketing plan are essential, but without that initial edit, making Touch a success would have been a real uphill struggle. Can you risk trying to sell an unedited book, knowing that the rewards for success are so high?