How To Fix Your Fiction Book Proposal (it’s really easy)

Writing a book proposal can be almost as hard as writing a novel.

In 2001, when I was first looking to get published, the idea of writing a book proposal was frankly pretty scary.

In fact, I did what most writers seem to do, that’s knock together a crappy book proposal that turns out to be a rejection magnet.

However, I was lucky.

I was, at the time, working with the writer Terry Deary. He opened my eyes to what makes a winning book proposal.

But this was only the start…

I then spent years talking to writers, agents and publishers about what was needed in a good query letter and synopsis.

The result is that I now have more than 20 books in print, with publishers both big and small.

So what was the secret?

Well, as with all things, there was no ONE secret. However, below is a few key points.

  • The query letter is really a sales document.
  • Get your genre wrong and you are doomed.
  • The synopsis must show plot, characters and narrative structure.

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